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Delta Scientific Services is recognized in Egypt as the leading supplier of Scientific, Laboratory and Research Equipments, Instruments, Supplies and Chemicals for different applications in Laboratories, Universities, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Companies as well as research Institutes

Our History:
The company was established in early 1980 by Mamdouh El Meniawy for representing and distributing the products of a leading international and multinational manufacturers of the above products.

For decades of success obtained from the market the company has developed experience in Biomedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research, Hospital and Life Science fields.

Our mission:

Has always been that of transfer of technology from its sources to its users as well as providing our customers with the best level of service for achieving their scientific goals and or solving their problems

Dec 16-18, 2010
Cairo, Egypt, XXII Congress of the International Academy of Pathology, Arab Division

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