We represent the following group of companies who are well known and reputable in their fields of activities and production.

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Slee Medical GmbH

Lise-Meitner-Str. 11 
D-55129 Mainz 


UVP is a world leader in BioImaging Systems for gel documentation, image acquisition and analysis of gels, blots, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, Western blots, Northern blots, Southern blots, luminescence, colorimetric, chromagenic, densitometry, in vivo and in vitro, plates and film. UVP designs advanced molecular imaging equipment for maximizing research results. They are the world leader in ultraviolet (UV) products and application technology with Life Science/laboratory equipment that includes hybridization ovens, UV transilluminators, UV crosslinkers, UV incubators, PCR hoods, HEPA PCR Workstations, UV lamps, light sources and radiometers (UV).


PEQLAB is a biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and distributes instruments, consumables and reagents for use in Molecular Biology worldwide. We are focused in following fields of Molecular Biology: PCR , DNA/RNA-Isolation, Electrophoresis and Transfection


Diatome is developing, manufacturing and performing customer service for diamond knives of Ultramicrotomy applications


Hettich- Zentrifugen represents highly qualified technicians and latest machinery for metal working and plastics processing gurantee that Hettich centrifuges are manufactured according to the same principals they are put to work in the laboratories later, efficiently, reliable and last but not least economically

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd.

The company provides general laboratory equipment, instruments and supplies.

ADC Bioscientific Ltd

ADC Bioscientific is a world leader in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for plant science and environmental research. Sustained investment in new product development means that today we continue to set new standards in instrument portability and ease of use.

Cleaver Scientific

Cleaver Scientific are UK based electrophoresis equipment suppliers who provide high specification, low cost electrophoresis equipment for the world market. These include DNA electrophoresis units, protein electrophoresis units, Electroblotters and Gel Documentation Equipment

N-Biotech Inc.

We pay our respect to you who work hard for progress of science. We are experimenting the new laboratory culture with our development of HANDY LAB (Personal Lab System). We develop products in need and think quality first before production. HANDY LAB is a differentiated lab system with “Lab on a Table” concept. Fundamentally we develop and supply products after we try to grasp the needs in this rapidly changing world. We develop standardized products that are easily manufactured and managed.


Pharmadule has been designing and implementing licensed modular production facilities for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They offer a unique combination of process and validation experience from the pharmaceutical industry, efficient project management and high quality craftsmanship. We focus on giving our clients the advantage by bringing their drug facilities into production faster and on time and assuring predictable, first-rate results.


CMB has been developing innovative solutions for disposing of medical waste from hospitals, clinics and large-scale laboratories since 1995. In addition to collection and transport, the holistic disposal concept also comprises disinfection and subsequent disintegration of the waste. This unique technology ensures that dangerous pathogens are completely destroyed. The remaining waste can be disposed of as household waste or even partially recycled. Expensive special medical waste collection containers and costly special waste transports are a thing of the past


SKC serves the Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Environmental and Occupational Health markets by providing air sampling instruments and sample collection media

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