Delta Scientific Services

Was established on January 1980 by chemist Mamdouh El Meniawy, to serve the scientific and technical activities in Egypt.

Delta is a commercial company representingĀ  several international and multi national companies. We market and sell scientific and technical equipment, instruments, chemicals and supplies produced by our suppliers.

Mission statementĀ 

Transfer of technology from its sources to its users.

Our objectives

To serve the education, scientific research and its applications in our major field of technical activities for developing human being life.

Technical and commercial activities

Providing technical and scientific consultation to support our clients to achieve their goals and solve problems facing their research or work process.

We cover the fields of:

  • Basic science and technology
  • Research and applications in biotechnology (molecular biology)
  • Biomedical labs.
  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Histopathology (pathology, histology)
  • Environmental instruments
  • Quality control equipment
  • Diagnostic equipment in laboratory and medical fields.

We provide all required after sales service for our clients via specialized well trained engineers.

Our staff

A group of qualified university graduated personnel, well trained personnel aware of clients requirements.