SKC Ltd Air sampling equipment, particulate monitoring, Noise monitoring

SKC offers a broad range of products including many types of sampling media, such as gas sample bags, filters, cassettes and sorbent tubes.
Particulate Monitors.
Noise Meter, heat stress monitor, gastec detection tubes.

Heat stress Monitor

The portable, rugged Romteck Heat Stress Monitor* (HSM) is an essential tool for occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals to measure radiant temperature, dry bulb ambient temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and air pressure parameters that affect heat stress in various conditions from industrial workplaces to underground mines. Heat stress reduces productivity and can lead to accidents, illness and even death

Gastec Gas Detection Tubes

SKC offer a broad range of Gastec gas detection tubes. Gastec gas detector tubes are of the highest quality utilising colorimetric technology for accurately analysing a wide variety of gases, vapours and ground substances. Short-term Gastec gas detector tubes allow users to perform field screening, spot sampling and tests in industrial environments to detect hazardous and toxic gases, and chemical vapours